Payment postponed

Here it is!

Now you can buy what you want and pay up to 12 months.

With Aplazame we give you up to €2,500 instantly.

You buy what you need and pay as you want for up to 12 months.
You only need a card and a Spanish DNI or NIE

We give you an example:

1. Select the product or products you want to buy

2. In the form of payment select Deferral

3. Select in how many months you want to pay for your purchase and the day you want to start paying .

Quick and easy

No documentation or paperwork. We will only ask you for a couple of personal data. You tell us the number of months in which you want to pay and the day you want to do it. We show you the interest and confirm the credit in seconds. Maximum APR: 24.50%.
We approve your credit in seconds and notify the store to process your order and receive it at home as soon as possible.

As simple as that

And enjoy shopping!