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Join the more than 100.000 Capoteros who are part of the Club, who receive our best discounts, early access, exclusive promotions that are not available to the rest of the world, new videos and private content every week and... Many more advantages!


Benefits of the Capoteros Club

  • Exclusive Benefits

    🎁First FREE Size Change

  • Exclusive Discounts

    🎁FREE Shipping

  • Access to Exclusive Content

  • Exclusive Rewards

Joining the Club is Very Easy

  • 1.

    Press the Pink Gift Icon located at the bottom right.

  • 2

    Press Join Now

  • 3.

    Enter your best Email and a Password

  • 4.

    Congratulations! You already belong to the Capoteros Club

How to Earn Capotes?

  • signup

    Sign Up

    200 Capes

  • order-online

    Make an order

    10 Capotes every time you spend €1

  • facebook-share

    Share on Facebook

    100 Capes

  • instagram-follow

    Follow on Instagram

    200 Capes

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    Like on Facebook

    200 Capes

  • ec53f81df1058c40151eb895167e445b286e9d456ee35425be3b23856b6f82e4380f735ad967a47a

    Write your first product review

    400 Capes

  • birthday

    Celebrate your birthday

    1000 Capes

How to Redeem Capotes?

Access the following tutorial in which we explain how you can redeem the Capotes and obtain your exclusive discounts.

Tutorial to redeem capes