The most difficult decision in our history...

Hello Capoter @!
As I told you yesterday by email, I had something important to tell, a decision that may be the most difficult Carol and I have made in the more than 13 years since we founded El Capote.
The motives.
Surely you have seen how we have grown over all these years to become the reference brand that carries Spain in its DNA, in its values ​​and, of course, in the clothing and accessories we make.
In all these years many things have happened:
..further 75.000 capoteros who are customers for many years and more than 100.000 followers in our networks
..we have appeared dozens of times in national newspapers and on television
..we have turned our store in Claudio Coello into a emblem of Madrid
..we have released dozens of ever better collections, investing more in improving quality to levels that few brands reach
..we have opened a own logistics center, to make our customers more and more satisfied with the entire shopping experience
..we have sent our message "It's time to show off what's ours" to the last corner of the world
..we have continued betting, despite all the difficulties, on manufacture the vast majority of what we do in Spain and Portugal, in the face of the massive flight of the rest of the brands to Asia.
..we have achieved that great figures of public life, as you may have seen in our networks, they have also opted for our brand and our values
..we have grown in team and wonderful people, making El Capote an increasingly larger and united family have blessed us with thousands of ratings 99% of them with 5 stars on our website and on Google.
I'm talking about all these years, not the last few years, because, oddly enough, we haven't changed prices since almost the beginning.
Maybe you don't remember, but you can look at an old order to check it.
We have literally left our skin and money, tears and happiness, sweat and blood, to achieve all of this.
But we are not going to stop there. We have many plans in the short, medium and long term. I'll tell you just a few:
- We want to open, because you keep asking us, stores in more cities in Spain, to be closer to you.
- We are going to continue expanding the team and creating jobs, to give you a better service, serve you faster, answer every last message that comes to us through any channel, because sometimes we don't get to everything.
- We have the intention of create a podcast, so that you can get to know us more closely and, above all, get to know in a more intimate way many public figures who adore us and adore Spain.
- We want to continue being a speaker of our culture, our roots, our land and invest in take that message to many more people throughout the planet.
- We want expand our collections, so that you have more to choose from, the women's collection, which you ask us to expand so much and the children's collection, for the little ones in the house.
And many more projects that I don't have time to tell you about in an email...
All of them thinking of you, our people and our country that we love so much...
But I have to be completely honest, it's impossible for Carol and me to pull off all of this without raising prices.
We have been with the same prices for more than 10 years, we have endured everything we could and a little more, but making everything we have in mind for you a reality and continuing with the same prices as a decade ago, you will understand that it is impossible.
Everything has gone up, absolutely everything: rental costs, electricity, the well-deserved salaries of our people, suppliers, materials... everything 😅
What am I going to tell you that you don't already know!
Yes, you have to take life with a bit of humor, from a positive point of view, look forward, never back 😊
The decision.
Of all the evaluations that you leave us on the web and that contribute so much to us and fill the whole team with energy, the most repeated is, without a doubt, “Best value for money of all brands”.
And it will continue to be so. We're not going to give that up for the world. We would not go to Asia, as everyone does, not even if they gave us clothes. As it is.
So, for all these reasons, which I am sure you will understand and share with me, We raise prices up to 15%.
Also, for you, it will hardly cost €5 or €10, depending on what you buy, and for us it is a world.
The reason why we do this is to be able to make everything that I have told you above come true. In short, it will also have an impact on you, on our people and, of course, on continuing to raise our voices higher and with more reach than ever.
We want to be the best, to have the highest quality products and to be the highest reference in the dissemination of our values, our culture, our traditions, our land, throughout the world.
We are not going to upload them now, We will raise the prices on August 28 and in this decision, although it has been very difficult, we cannot go back.
So, theoretically, we could say that we have a discount of up to an additional 15% until then, something that we only do on Black Friday, once a year.
If you want to take advantage before the climb, we are delighted that you do so.
That is why we announce it to you, it is the least we can do after all the time you have been with us supporting us.
You have earned this opportunity and I am proud that you can enjoy it, as long as you do not leave it too long, since we have many garments with very little stock.
However, if you want to leave it for Monday, we thank you with all our hearts. But if not, we are also grateful to you and always will be.
Excuse me if this message, undoubtedly the longest I've written in all these years, has been a bit heavy for you, but I think the occasion deserved it.
I hope you understand and support our decision with everything I have told you, to raise prices after more than 10 years without doing so.
Thanks a million again.
A cape hug 🤗

PS: If this price increase is going to affect something vital in your life, please reply to this email and I will see what I can do to prevent this from happening.