Our story

EL CAPOTE, is a tribute, a memory to two bullfighters who lost their lives on the road on a fateful May 24, 1969 and to a "Torera de la vida". They were, my father, the Venezuelan bullfighter Héctor Alvarez (26 years old) and my grandfather Rafael Vega de los Reyes "Gitanillo de Triana" (54 years old). Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to meet them, I had 6 months to go to jump into the ring of life, a life full of joy despite everything, thanks to my dear mother Pastora Vega, bullfighter of life, of those who come close and They go out through the Puerta Grande, raising their two children alone and showing their flamenco art all over the world, always with a smile on their faces and energy to stop a train. She has taught me everything, and everything that I am, I owe to her. My great-grandmother "Pastora Imperio" completes the task of this genealogical tree full of art, art of OUR, FLAMENCO AND BULLS, yes sir, with capital letters, proud of our folklore and customs because we firmly believe that "IT IS TIME TO SHOW ABOUT IT OUR"


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