Our History

It was 2005 and my dear compadre, Pedro Trapote, rancher and well-known Spanish businessman, owner of Joy Eslava and Pacha Madrid (now Teatro Barceló) put me in charge of the Commercial Directorate of Non-bullfighting Events of the emblematic Plaza de Toros de Las Sales Two unforgettable years in Las Ventas organizing concerts like Shakira, Bruce Springteen, Miguel Bosé, Maná, MTV, ... etc. 

Our History

Seeing the amount of merchandising t-shirts that were sold there in the stalls that were mounted, that was when the first idea came to me and we could say that the seed was put to create a brand of polo shirts and t-shirts to initially sell in La Plaza where I was the Commercial Director and that until then there was no such thing. 

Our History

As you can imagine being my grandfather Gitanillo de Triana and my father the Venezuelan bullfighter Héctor Álvarez, my blood burned seeing how thousands of t-shirts were sold in Las Ventas by the different artists who performed there but that there was not a single post about anything related to our Bullfighting. 

Our History


That's where “EL CAPOTE” really began, although there were still 5 years to go before it was really done. The desire to claim that there was a brand "very ours" where the logo said everything by itself, with elegance and the utmost respect for what the world of bullfighting meant to me. At the end of the 2006 bullfighting season, Pedro Trapote and Ramón Calderón left Las Ventas and created my first company, relying on the experience acquired during those years. “Lógicamente Eventos y Comunicación, SL” was born in 2007, where I am already on my own, doing events of all kinds in different spaces. Of course, in Las Ventas, too. The idea of ​​creating that bullfighting brand based on the T-shirts and polo shirts that different artists made for concerts had not gone out of my head. The crisis came and for events even more so. I know a very pretty girl named Carolina López who was then 29 years old and I fell madly in love with her. We started dating and logically I tell him the idea of ​​bullfighting shirts and polo shirts. She came from “Chello Multicanal”, where she sold advertising space on TV for channels such as “Canal Historia”, “Canal Cocina”, “Canal Hollywwod” ... etc. 


There we started with a brainstorming or as the English speakers say "Brain Storming" where after many names, we decided to put our brand "EL CAPOTE". We sent a friend to design the logo. In 2010 we registered the brand and the logo with the illusion of two children! Year 2011 The adventure begins! We manufacture the first t-shirts, polos and shirts to test the brand at the main fairs in Spain. We started at the Fallas in Valencia, on March 12. We started selling the first polo shirts from El Capote, we will never forget it. In a small stand made up of a red iron bar from the Mahou brand and some cardboard displays as the back. With the photos of our first models that we will never forget ... "Finito de Córdoba", "Arancha del Sol" and "Malena Costa", so on! After Valencia came Seville, Jerez, Córdoba, Pamplona, ​​this worked!  

New shop
Claudio Coello

When we arrived in Madrid we created our first website and started with the online sale www.poloselcapote.com Our dream was already reality. November 2012 we opened our first store on Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz, 26 (Madrid). You cannot imagine the illusion he made us! We worked as shop assistants in two shifts, Carolina was already pregnant with our daughter, Claudia, who, as they say, came with bread under her arm. But with a bread that would be earned with a lot of work. The store was too small for us sooner than we thought. At two and a half years we moved to Calle Claudio Coello, 46. A street with a lot of history for me, since my grandfather Gitanillo de Triana, opened his bar "Gitanillos" at number 48 in 1962 where I made my communion among many other celebrations. Another sign of those that are not forgotten. The online store was growing without stopping. We started investing in Facebook and Instagram, our followers were already in the thousands and among our ambassadors, key in all this, we already had such important personalities as 
  • His Majesty King Emeritus Mr. Juan Carlos, His Majesty King Felipe VI, Juan José Padilla, Enrique Ponce, Morante de la Puebla, Álvaro Morata, Sergio Ramos, Guti, Pepe Rodríguez Rey, Bertín Osborne, Emilio José, Ana Obregón, Los Morancos , Rafael Amargo, Miguel Torres, Oscar Higares, Pepe Domingo Castaño, etc ...

Product image


flagship store
Who said fear? 

September 2017,

The opportunity arises and we move 10 meters from our store to a 300 m store. Who said fear ?! Year 2019, the growth is exponential and the ecommerce data and the new Flagship Store could not be better. March 2020, 10 years have passed since our first sale and we opened a Multispace office, call center, warehouse and photography in Alcobendas to centralize everything that is a dream for us. The tribute that my wife and I do, to my bullfighters of my soul, "Héctor Alvarez" and "Gitanillo de Triana" whom I could not meet due to that fateful car accident, turns 10 years old! Gentlemen, this cannot be stopped! Now more than ever: "It's Time to Show Off What's Ours" Goes for you! 

Vision, mission, values ​​and style.



Create a quality clothing brand with a 100% Spanish symbol, created in Spain, a cape.

The cape has its origin in the cape, which was invented in Spain in the XNUMXth century. And in this way, pay tribute to the father and grandfather of the brand's co-founder Rafael Dona, “Héctor Álvarez” and “Gitanillo de Trina”, who died together in a traffic accident. They were both experts with the cape, hence their name.


Quality rather than quantity remains our priority. 

Specialize in the digital market with an online store open to the whole world. Give an ever better support and service. Continue with our business model of a large Flagship Store in Madrid and expand points of sale in certain exclusive centers. Continue doing what we like, enjoying it, controlling it and with the same enthusiasm and desire as always.  



Of its art, its folklore, festivals, traditions, gastronomy, customs, geography and its people. We want to pay our little tribute through our clothing, our communication, image and publicity to what is undoubtedly the best country in the world! Our values ​​are represented better than anyone by our friend and exceptional ambassador, the right-hander, Juan José Padilla. And they are strength, courage, bravery, courage, authenticity, improvement, effort, sacrifice, conviction, humility, credibility and spirit. 


Our style is a casual style, for Men and Women.  

Comfortable and elegant clothes in bright colors in which our color, the pink cape, is always very present. Polka dot details that symbolize our little tribute to Flamenco and vivid contrasts. We also include details of our flag as patches, covers seams, ribbons, ... etc. Big and small logos for all tastes, cotton garments and fabrics of the highest quality. Poles with weight, structured and with a very careful design. Polo shirts and shirts are our best-selling garments. We try to reach all sizes to serve the entire public.