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El Capote
Carmen Luque Moreno
Of the best

Everything perfect and beautiful. For everyone who likes to enjoy and feel capotero.

In a few words kindness, quality and a lot of class

Today I made my first purchase in Madrid and now I made another purchase four hours later through the website, very friendly and good service

Very happy with my purchase. 100%

Very happy with my purchase. 100%

brand Spain

His style identifies me so much that it seems like I was the one who designed the clothes. Style, the Spain brand and the quality of its products come together, achieving a hallmark of our own identity that defines us as lovers of Spain and the culture of bulls and horses.

El Capote

Very pretty, quality!!!

El Capote
Javier Santamaria Vinuesa
Spanish design that represents us.

I have been a customer of theirs for more than 12 years, almost since the beginning, and I continue to purchase their products every year. Everything: shirts, polos, pants, belts, jackets, jerseys, rugby polos, sports shoes. And all with his characteristic seal.

Good quality in all their garments

Good quality in all their products and unbeatable service. Recommended 100x100.

They never cease to surprise, the best!

I have been lucky enough to be able to go to the store and if buying online the treatment is good, if any questions arise, the treatment in the store is top level, what joy, how kindly they serve you and how sensitive the details are, In the El Capote store you feel at home, the love and commitment of its human team is ten, thank you very much for everything, I will return very soon.

HOOD 100%

Beautiful and stylish garments.
100% HOOD

The quality

The quality is impressive and the dress is beautiful, I think it is the most beautiful dress I have ever had 😍😍😍

Style and quality

Garment of great quality and design

We have to support what is ours. 100x100 recommended

Quality clothing, feels very good.

The sizes are perfect

Good genre

Product quality

It is the second time I have made a purchase and it has been great: fast shipping, good product and ease of making an exchange if you don't get the size right.

Beautiful and original

super pretty bomber

El Capote
Francisco Martinez
The espadrilles

They are as beautiful as they are comfortable, the brand is highly recommended.

El Capote
David Romero
The Fidelity

Good treatment, good genre.

Women's Green Wide Stripe Linen Shirt

The shirt is beautiful, the fabric is incredible, and it fits well for us larger women! Please more clothes with this size so we can all show off this brand!


Very cool and high quality clothes.

El Capote
JA electrical installations
Good treatment, kindness and service.

Every time I have gone, to their facilities in Alcobendas.
Good service
Good deal.
And attention.

El Capote

It is my favorite brand, the clothes are of good quality, I have bought several items of clothing, accessories... Everything has arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I will definitely buy again.

El Capote
very elegant

we will buy again

El Capote
Lola Soneira Torres
I love the brand, good quality, original...

I love the clothes and the shoes, all of good quality and original.

Simple but flattering!

The fabric is comfortable and cool. The design is simple but very flattering with the touch of the sleeve!

El Capote

Clothes of very good quality and elegance, very fast delivery with very good services